Written in the stars: Kos's co-author hit with $30,000 SEC fine; Update: Kossack to Drudge: Oh yeah? Well, you're gay

I don’t get it. Didn’t Vis Numar, astrologer to the stars, warn him that the feds would sniff him out? How foolhardy of Armstrong to get entangled in something like that without a heads up from “Vis” as to how it would turn out.

You’ll recall, I hope, that this “non-story” was allegedly the subject of a Townhouse communique last year from the Chairman himself, who urged the illuminati on the cc list to kindly keep their fat mouths shut about it. And darned if those irrepressible truth-speakin’ morons didn’t comply.

Incidentally, this is the second time in five days that Drudge has floated a derisive Kos angle on the front page. Matt, you magnificent bastard.

Update: The nutroots fire back with their favorite insult.