Kos on the DLC: "A bunch of cranks," "a fantastic con job"

Perfection. Or rather, near perfection: having DLC leadership team member Hillary Clinton standing right next to him when he said it would have been the cherry on top. I like to imagine he was telling Andrew Marcus this at almost the exact moment on Sunday morning that Shillary was stooging for her girl’s decision to appear at Yearly Kos. Be sure to smile the next time they call you a crank and a phony, KP.

Plenty of other goodies here, including a segment about the Middle East panel that starts around 9:40 and features a cameo from John Mearsheimer at 12:45 in which he reveals who bears most of the responsibility for dark-age Muslim violence. (See if you can guess!) If you don’t have time to watch it all, the DLC bit is at 4:10. “We are the center … of the national electorate,” declares Kos, whereupon Marcus sets off to find out what the “center” thinks about key issues. There’s also a short bit at 22:45 in which Kos comments on the Soltz/Aguina showdown, but it’s not that interesting.

Here’s DLC Chairman Harold Ford’s op-ed in WaPo this morning in case you missed it in headlines last night. Don’t ignore “the vital center,” he begs Democrats, politely ignoring the fact that they already have. And here’s an interesting post at Right on the Right that tries to put some meat on the bone of that moronic nutroots plan to unionize. Makes no sense in the larger sense — but among Daily Kos diarists, who presumably see nothing of the coin that’s rolling in to the site? Makes a whole lot of sense indeed.

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