CREW files DOJ complaint against Boehner for leaking FISA court ruling

Fine by me. Wonderful by me, in fact. I mentioned the details in passing in this morning’s post about the possible Al Qaeda cell. In a nutshell, Boehner spilled the beans last week on Neil Cavuto’s show about a FISA court ruling earlier this year that prohibited the government from tapping calls routed through the United States, even if they were between two foreign persons. CREW offers chapter and verse:

18 U.S.C. § 793(d) provides that anyone with lawful possession of information relating to the national defense, which could be used to the injury of the United States, who willfully communicates that information to any person not entitled to receive it, is subject to up to ten years imprisonment.

It’s … curious that the left hasn’t awakened to the perils of leaks until now, with about 18 months left in Bush’s term and a Republican for once in the hot seat, but fine. We can do a lot in 18 months. I eagerly await the same stern statement of legal heart-ache as applied to Thomas Tamm if and when it turns out he leaked the information on the warrantless wiretap program to the Times, as well as to any other no doubt strictly nonpartisan CIA, State Department, and/or Defense officials found leaking like a sieve to the media in the coming months. I suspect there’ll be all kinds of tidbits about backroom discussions around the time of Petraeus’s Iraq progress report. I welcome my brothers on the left in cracking down on them. Hard.