Boos at Yearly Kos as Hillary salutes lobbyists

It was the lone false note in what appears to have been a stirring symphony of ass-kissing.

[S]he went on for another 40 minutes and nothing was heard in the room but cheers — and applause. It was, in fact, a tour de force performance, though she started with defensive humor.

“This might surprise some of you, but not everybody says nice things about me,” she said to a wave of laughter. “It is a burden I have to bear. Let me say something a little unexpected: Thank you. Thank you for building a modern, progressive movement in America and standing up to the right-wing Republican noise machine!”



And then the stumble:

“I have been saying that based on my 35 years of fighting for what I believe in, I don’t think anybody will think I will be influenced [by lobbyist contributions].”

And here the boos broke out.

“I have been waiting [for that],” Clinton said with a smile. “It gives me a real sense of reality in being here. I have a good idea about bringing about change. I wish it were as simple as doing this or that. I will take money from lobbyists, because some represent real Americans like nurses and social workers, and they represent businesses that employ a lot of people. And I ask you to look at my record. I do want to be the president for everybody.”

And she got some applause.

That’s from Roger (not L.) Simon, who must be as big of a Hillary shill as KP herself since he doesn’t mention what happened next. For that we turn to Ben Smith:

[Her lobbyist comment] seemed to solidify the perception of Clinton as a Washington establishment figure in a year when Democrats are eager for change… Her words drew jeers from the audience and invited sharp responses from Edwards and Obama.

“They are not spending that just because they are contributing to the public interest,” Obama said of the health care lobby, a sarcastic rejoinder to Clinton that brought the crowd of about 1,000 bloggers and liberal activists to their feet…

Obama’s advisers … were jubilant, joking with reporters about how quickly they would be able to turn her words into a television ad.

“I can’t say I’ve ever heard a more fulsome defense of lobbyists before,” deadpanned Obama’s main adviser, David Axelrod. “It certainly stood out.”


I don’t have anything to add, but let’s give Drudge a pat on the back for distilling so succinctly the essence of the moment. For posterity:


Update: The boss has pathetic video.

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