Talking points memo: Randi Rhodes, Jack Cafferty, nutroots cretins blame bridge collapse on Iraq

Go figure, huh? Well, in fairness, they’ve been waiting for years for another big terror attack to blame on the Bushitler’s warmongering. This may be as close as they get. Here’s Rhodes, presumably sans gunshot effects, here’s Cafferty, and here’s audio from John Gibson’s radio show featuring dramatic readings of some of the nutroots’ greatest hits. The problem has existed for decades but Billy Jeff skates despite the fact that he had plenty of extra cash and nothing particularly pressing on his agenda for eight years that would have stopped him from tackling it. I guess that’s why we need Hillary now.

Exit question: Maybe when they say “blame Bush,” they mean the first Bush?

Update: Good news — 20 other major bridges are in even worse shape.

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