Brave Sir Silky: You're either with us or you're with the terrorists Fox News

Like everything he does, down to the last anti-Coulter fundraising e-mail, it’s cynical calculation wrapped in progressive faux principle. On the eve of Yearly Kos, with Hillary’s lead widening, he’s floating a moronic non-issue to incite the nutroots faithful and put her on the defensive before she tried to win them over. It’s a transparent distraction, in other words, which is both smart politics and rancid hypocrisy insofar as this is precisely the sort of thing he was complaining about last week.

It’s almost too cliche to even mention at this point but follow the link and note the parallels between the rhetoric he uses to describe Fox executives and their employees and the rhetoric, say, Bush uses to describe the Iranian regime and its citizens. Obama will meet with Ahmadinejad — but he won’t meet with Chris Wallace. Your Democratic Party.

I leave you with this, courtesy of Andrew Wilkow’s producer, Nick. Wilkow was inspired by Silky’s recent declaration that the fightin’ nutroots must continue to fight They who would silence them — so he invited Silky on his show to make the case. The response:

Hi Nick it’s Andrea Frist calling from the Edwards campaign, returning your call about your request for an interview unfortunately we’re not gonna…we are not interested in doing it but thank you for calling and offering…

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