Is Hot Air trying to Kos-ify Fred?

“Kos-ify” meaning sink a guy just to prove we can. This Fredhead spies dark clouds a-gathering:

If they can force Fred’s hand and make him cave in on this, they’ll prove that they’re the DailyKos of the right. They’ll sit in silent judgment ensuring that Republicans toe the new party line, a line drawn by the consensus of a tiny sub-section of American society. They’ll steer the GOP as far to the right as Kos and friends have driven the Democrats to the left. I don’t think that’s a good idea, and I hope Fred doesn’t either.

Yes, I’m famous for my far right views. To answer his question: no, of course we’re not trying to Kos-ify him, not only because we don’t have anything remotely near the power needed to sink any major candidate (and neither does Kos, as Joe Lieberman could tell you) but no one has any reason to want to sink him. He may well be our best shot at winning. But if he’s done something wrong, we’re going to call him on it. Just like we do with Rudy, just like we do with Mitt. As for the merits of knocking him for hiring Spence Abraham, yes, of course, it’s entirely possible that Abraham won’t have any influence at all over Fred’s immigration policies. But given the long history of GOP betrayal on that issue, you can’t fault MM et al. for worrying.

Since we’re on the subject of Fred, though, ABC thinks it’s caught him in a flip flop. I think the case is weak and will be cured by the fact that he’ll eventually take the fair tax pledge anyway, but judge for yourself. Meanwhile, even his staunchest supporters are telling him to fish or cut bait in the most colorfully folksy idiom they can come up with:

Tennessee Republican Rep. Zach Wamp, a key supporter of the 6-foot-6 conservative many Republicans are hoping will fill a void, said a September announcement speech by Thompson would be fine, but that the former U.S. senator from Tennessee needs to definitively say in August that he is a candidate.

He said Thompson is “approaching the apex of the benefits of being a noncandidate.”…

“I’ve got horses in the gate like the Kentucky Derby and they’ve been there for a while. Horses in the gate are restless creatures. They’ve been stammerin’ and snortin’ and I don’t want them spittin’,” Wamp said.

Nice job by Reuters there apostrophizin’ the gerund.