Video: Olby wonders if Bush had Pat Tillman whacked for supporting Kerry

Actually, that’s overstating it: He thinks it might have been Bush or our right-wing military acting of its own accord. You’ll find it below at about 3:00 if you’re counting down. Would the president have had one of his own men murdered to prevent a meeting with Noam Chomsky? That’s a given in Olbyworld. But would he have sent the military to do it knowing that the revelation of this murderous order from on high by any of the co-conspirators along the chain of command would have meant his certain impeachment and possible/entirely justifiable trial for murder? But of course. To prevent a Pat Tillman/Waffles photo op? If Bush could pull off 9/11, how hard could something like this be?

And besides, Olby’s technically not asserting anything here. He’s … just “airing it.”

Thanks for the tip on this to Johnny Dollar, who urged us in his Friday recap of this segment to note the title they chose for it. Are casualties of the war in Afghanistan now also “Mr. Bush’s casualties”? I thought that was the “good,” defensive war. Or does it matter anymore?

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