WSJ editor: What will become of my well-manicured lawn if these nativist monsters have their way?

From the geniuses who blew the lid off the Great Hot Air Attack Ad Conspiracy comes this plaintive cry, direct from the bowels of Greenwich, Connecticut, or whichever other tony ‘burb this guy calls home.

So help me, if he has to hire an American to cut his grass or, god forbid, do it himself, it’s on your heads.

Hotels and restaurants in places like Chicago, Miami and just about every other city would have to shut down without waiters, maids and others with dubious credentials. The well-manicured lawns in my home town would soon become weed gardens in the absence of the Mexicans who man landscape services. Americans genuinely worry about maintaining the rule of law, but the biggest threat to that is the disrespect for law created when legislative grandstanders pass draconian measures that the authorities are incapable of enforcing…

Washington efforts to reform Simpson-Mazzoli are plagued by the death struggle the two parties are conducting over control of the government. Republicans, who perhaps have noticed that they are losing that struggle, are frozen in the headlights of the anti-immigrant campaigns being conducted by nativists and vigilantes in their home states. Hate and emotion do not produce good laws.

The link goes to See-Dub because the article at WSJ is behind a proletariat-proof but doubtless well-manicured firewall. SD encourages you to e-mail the author, George Melloan, but I encourage you to e-mail See-Dub to encourage him to cancel his subscription. As with shamnesty itself, if we apply enough pressure he’s bound to back down! He’s done the job most Americans can’t afford to do in the first place; now it’s time for him to undo it. Send your complaints to seedub -at- And be polite.