Video: The obligatory "Paul supporter demands 9/11 Truth from Fred" post

Sorry for the slow blogging; the Scott Thomas thing is sucking up time. There’s plenty of stuff in headlines if you’re bored. I linked this yesterday as an update to the Paul post but there are enough Fredheads here that I guess we owe it our full attention. All the action is in the first 30 seconds and the last minute, so feel free to skip around. CNN, bless their hearts, conveniently omitted her screeching Trutherism from its account of the encounter.

The SLC boys raise an interesting theory: is the North American Union crap a gateway to 9/11 Trutherism? I don’t think so. NAU is the province of Birchers while Trutherism is a hobby of the far left, and while those two groups do coalesce in the Cult of Paul, that’s about the only place they do. Tancredo believes one and not the other. As does Paul himself, in fact.

John of Verum Serum sent me the link to another video this tool made awhile back which references a person (actually, two people) near and dear to all our hearts. The irony is, you’ll hear her yell in the clip below that Fred’s not a real conservative. The boss is starting to wonder herself.

Update: Slublog e-mails re: WaPo’s piece about Fred’s past as a trial lawyer that he’s getting tired of Fred responding to substantive challenges with “don’t fuss at me, now”:

His work representing white-collar criminals, drug defendants and lawsuit victims has given Thompson an affinity with one of the Republican Party’s perennial targets, trial lawyers, and he carries that connection with him even today as he prepares to seek the GOP presidential nomination. It also helped shape a view on lawsuit reform that has frequently put him at odds with his own party…

Officially, Thompson and his aides declined to answer questions about his legal work on the grounds that he is not a declared candidate. Privately, his advisers said they are acutely aware that GOP opponents could try to paint Thompson as too liberal, based on his legal work, his support from the trial lawyers’ lobby and his votes on liability legislation that conflicted with those of most Republicans.

Yeah, they’re milking his non-candidacy for all it’s worth, although after the abortion lobbyist debacle maybe they’re better off with a “no comment” this time. Meanwhile, from Time, another tantalizing tidbit about Jeri. Cherchez la femme…

“I do worry that Jeri is the one really running his campaign,” says a House Republican who describes himself as “likely” to support Thompson. “She’s smart, but that could be a recurring problem.”

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David Strom 9:31 PM on December 05, 2022