Video: Flying imams stunt may have been set up to provoke lawsuit, says Peter King; Update: CAIR after Rudy now?

Yeah, that theory’s been floated before. He’s only speculating but his cop pals evidently think there’s something to it. As for who he thinks is behind it, I’ll make you watch the clip for that. A hint: they’re “a terrible organization, they are a disgrace, they support Islamic extremism.” See if you can guess!

The ACLU has already started whining about the “John Doe” provision, incidentally:

“It certainly immunizes anybody who says, ‘I don’t want someone who looks Arab on my plane,’” said Caroline Frederickson, director of the Washington legislative office of the American Civil Liberties Union. “It goes really, really far in legitimizing racial profiling.”

Unless she’s looking at a different statute than I am, no, it certainly doesn’t.

Update: Rudy is next on CAIR’s agenda, reports LGF.