Video: Olby ... apologizes?

Via Inside Cable News, which is getting HuffPo-lanched right now so I’m going to post the clip here in case they go down. What crisis of conscience brought the Murrow of our time to this lowly state? Regret over his endless Nazi allusions? Remorse for his corrosive soft Trutherism? Shame, perhaps, at his humiliating sycophancy towards prominent Democrats? Of course not. Each of those things stands him in good stead with his nutroots audience. Calling the wife of a guy who just copped to cheating on her with prostitutes a “ho,” however, does not, and since he was on vacation at the time anyway, he’s not really apologizing for himself so much as for his staff. The great man does not err but the mortals who surround him, alas, occasionally do.

Besides, people whose opinions he respects were beginning to talk.