Video: Macy's pulls t-shirt for fear of offending Hispanics

This one almost qualifies as a “Tuesday stupid” thanks to the marketing expert whose expertise evidently doesn’t extend to deciphering third-grade-level t-shirt slogans. He reads this one as implying that Hispanics aspire to be white, which would be an odd statement indeed from a brand aimed explicitly at fostering “cultural identity through fashion” and among whose other wares you’ll find this. Obviously the slogan is a statement of political and cultural power recognizing the fact that America’s Latino population is growing. It’s offensive insofar as it celebrates racial balkanization, but there’s nothing about it that denigrates Hispanics.

Apropos of nothing, when the boss’s lingering guilt over my not having an iPhone finally gets the best of her — and it will — I’m going to show my appreciation by getting her this. Click the image to watch.

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