Pew poll: Support for suicide bombings drops throughout Muslim world

There’s a lot (a lot) more to the survey than just that question and just that region so, as always, you’re well advised to click and skim. A few samples, though, to lure you in. This first chart suggests that as a general but not ironclad rule, the closer a country is to Israel the more suicide-happy they are. The standout numbers are of course for the Palestinians, who continue to set the standard for savagery against which all others are measured.


Here’s the big one showing the dramatic drop in support (and small but alarming rise in Islamifying Turkey). What we’re looking at, I think, is an exceedingly grim but important unintended benefit of the insurgency: whereas “suicide bombings” used to be synonymous with attacks on Israel, now they’re synonymous with attacks on Iraqis. Funny how substituting Muslim victims for Jewish ones tends to concentrate the mind. Note especially the amazing drop in Pakistan:


So much for the jihad. Since we’re on the subject of backlash and unintended consequences, though, have a look at this. Venezuela led in this category in 2002, too, but since then support there for free markets has risen further by nine points. Viva Chavez?


And finally this one, which is predictable in the aggregate and shocking in the specific instance of which country it is that places highest for satisfaction. Exit question: Is that because all the people who are dissatisfied have already crossed the border and are living here now?