Video: A. Whitney Brown salutes our "morally retarded" troops, still isn't funny

Via LGF, which had to go all the way back to this morning to find a troop-hating post in the dKos archives as filthy as “Killitary” — which, for the record, was a pro-troop troop-hating post. This one would be a career killer if there was a career left to kill; as it is, although it’s clearly not a joke, it’ll magically become one once it starts making the rounds and the requisite outrage is mustered. I guess the new, not-at-all-O’Reilly-inspired pre-electoral housecleaning operation hasn’t gotten going in earnest yet.

Imagine how many episodes of SNL he could have brought to a screeching halt in the 16 years since he’s been gone if only Lorne had kept him around. For of all sad words of tongue or pen…

Click the image to watch.

Update: Brown has clarified his remarks in the comments at dKos by indictating, yup, he meant every word.

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