Open thread: The CNN YouTube freak show debate; Update: Private jet show of hands video added; Update: Biden tells gun owner he "needs help"; Update: I'll meet with Castro, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, says Obama

7 p.m. ET. God help me, this one might actually be worth watching. So relentlessly and absurdly have they been hyping it that CBS’s Public Eye blogger had to resort to a Buckwheat analogy to explain it. Behold the cherry on top of the doofus sundae.

Given the inevitable leftwards tilt to the questions and her rock solid status as frontrunner, Hillary may be in for a rough night. Speaking of which, have a look at this post by Kos and consider the possibility that she’ll be attending Yearly Kos while skipping the upcoming annual DLC “national conversation.” Why is that significant? Because not only is the DLC the flagship centrist Democratic nonprofit group, not only did Kos vow last year to destroy it, but it’s been a key supporter of the Clintons dating back to Billy Jeff’s presidency — to the point where the Glacier herself is the current chair of the group’s Dream Initiative. She attended the “national conversation” in 2005 and 2006 and gave the keynote address in 2002 but as of this writing she’s still not listed as one of the speakers next week. If she skips it to please the nutroots it’ll be a total capitulation, a de facto admission that the hard left and not the center owns the party now. And I know a special lady whom I’ll be reminding of that fact at every opportunity.

Anyway. No “John Doe” rules here: if you’re watching and you see something that merits clipping, say something by sending us an e-mail. I leave you with Lonewacko‘s fearless predictions. Play along at home.

Q: How many video questions will feature people wearing masks? (My answer: 3)

Q: How many will feature either a puppet, a muppet, an animated character, or similar? (My answer: 1)

Q: What are the chances that my entry will be shown? (My answer: 1/infinity)

Q: How many questions will not be greeted with a sigh of relief by the candidates, as they go on to say “Good question!” followed by their standard stump speech? (My answer: none).

Update: They actually ran this crap.

Update: That’s a whole lotta hands.

Update: Greasy Joe shows his appreciation for the Second Amendment.

Update: Here’s a little something else for those “Republicans for Obama” to snack on. World Apology Tour ’08, baby.

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