Video: Peter King rips the Democrats for voting against "John Doe"

The House killed it in committee and then the Senate killed it on the floor. 57-39, three votes of the 60 needed. What happened to those anti-filibuster bromides and that snazzy “Let Us Vote” sign they were touting three days ago?

Lieberman’s in charge of the Senate committee and he’s sympathetic to the measure so King thinks there’s a chance they might be able to slip the provision back in before the conference committee. In the meantime, I’m warming up a plate of crow for my skepticism in December that the Dems would have the stones to oppose it. What happens now depends on how much noise we make about it, I guess. I’m not optimistic.

Exit question: Is there anyone on the Republican side who’s as gung ho for this measure as ED? Good lord.

Update: Reader Kralizec forwards the links to the House and Senate Homeland Security Committees, in case you’d like to reach out and touch someone. Tell them John Doe sent you.

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