Video: Romney rips Obama over kindergarten sex ed

“I must say that Romney’s comments suggesting that Obama wants to teach sex education to kindergarteners is a little misleading,” writes David Brody. Agreed, which is why I didn’t blog this yesterday when I first saw it. Mitt’s feasting on red meat here but Obama’s definition of “age-appropriate” sex ed for kiddies seems to go no further than explaining where babies come from and where it’s not okay for Uncle Joe to touch you. And, per Brody, his plan includes an opt out in case you don’t trust public school teachers to handle those lessons with the requisite sensitivity (and who would blame you?). Romney’s high dudgeon here makes it sound like Obama had something more lurid in mind, which is both unfair and irritating insofar as it’s a transparent set-up for his new catchphrase about the sea that our kids swim in. Note to Mitt: the culture warrior niche is well and good but soundbites in volume about America being an “ocean of filth” tend to be off-putting.

So, rest easy. Your children won’t be finding out what a “golden shower” is until they’re at least 13, when Planned Parenthood will happily inform them.