Video: Matthews, St. Cindy have meeting of the minds on Iraq

He starts off with the tough questions — why did the neocons take us to war, are Bush and Cheney war criminals, etc. — then segues into the obligatory Libby question with the equally obligatory “PNAC” answer from Mother Sheehan. But the real chemistry comes at the end, when Chris expresses his sympathy for her position before summarizing the Democrats’ dilemma: sure, cutting the funding is the right thing to do and will save countless lives — but what if Bush blames them and it costs them votes? What about those Senate seats they were promised? St. Cindy, bless her bleeding hippie heart, doesn’t much care about that, which proves she’s by far the more principled of the two here.

Chris makes it up to her in the last few seconds, though. How often does one of Sheehan’s interviews leave her sputtering in agreement? There’s something for Matthews’s resume, eh?

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David Strom 8:31 AM on October 02, 2022