Video: Jet Blue chief spins Yearly Kos sponsorship on O'Reilly

We’re way late with this, I know, but people are writing about it so here you go. Ace lays into Roger Simon for his “rising tide lifts all boats” argument given that we all know sponsorship will be limited to boats of one ideological stripe (particularly if those sponsors owe George Soros favors). I’m less sure of that than he is but there’s no question the nutroots would be lining up to torpedo a right-wing blog convention, so whatevs. O’Reilly should have been more thorough, though, in explaining if the stuff he cited was from the front page or the comments. There’s plenty of material from the Chairman himself to use here, starting of course with “Screw Them” and continuing through to his none-too-subtle death wish earlier this year for one of Bill’s own correspondents. Cherry-picking comments simply weakens a strong case.

Oh, and Bill: The Pope is a primate. Really.