Joe Wilson endorses Hillary

Naturally. Where else would a man who’s strenuously opposed to politically motivated pardons turn?

“I’m delighted to fight the fight with her. … The person who has always reached out to us has been Hillary. … I think Hillary is a fighter. … She is a wonderful individual. … More diplomacy the better. There is no daylight between us on Iran.” — former ambassador Joseph Wilson

This happy news inspired not one but two posts at HuffPo today. Follow that last link and meditate on the possibility that Joe Wilson’s endorsement might in and of itself be enough to tilt some of the fightin’ nutroots in Hillary’s direction.

Your Hillary supporter quote of the day:

This was a complete waste of time. The — we knew who leaked — did the leak in the first place. This whole thing has been a charade. It’s been a waste of taxpayer money. It’s been a waste of time.

And you know, I’m sorry to all of the people in the left wing who just have lived and breathed and, you know, are probably hysterically crying right now, but this really was just a complete and utter waste of use of the government.


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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on March 22, 2023