Conservative "hunger" for Fred dooms LA Times abortion takedown

Dude is bulletproof, reports an exasperated Politico.

The sound of silence tells an interesting tale when it comes to Fred Thompson. A week after reports emerged suggesting that the former Tennessee senator once lobbied for an abortion rights group, few leaders of the GOP’s conservative wing have expressed concern.

In fact, the fallout in conservative circles has largely been confined to defending Thompson and attacking the Los Angeles Times, which broke the story. And this comes, as reported by’s Mike Allen, as Thompson has dropped his flat denial of the charge and now instead says he can’t remember.

The muted reaction illuminates a larger point: just how hungry many on the right are for a Thompson candidacy and their inclination to overlook evidence that the soon-to-be candidate may be something less than a true believer…

Asked if he was concerned about the Times report, Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council and somebody who has extolled Thompson, said, “No, I’m really not.”

“This is becoming so old,” Perkins scoffed. “They find somebody who has staked out a pro-life position, and the first thing they say is that he’s supported a pro-abortion group.”

What’s more, Perkins said, there has been no “indication that it’s getting traction.”

“People are considering the source.”

[Gary] Bauer said much the same thing, pointing out that he had received no phone calls or e-mails of concern. “The leak came from a pro-abortion group,” Bauer noted. “The intention is to torpedo his campaign.”


Follow the link and scroll down for an amusing panicky reaction from the Romney campaign, which really shouldn’t be so eager for the race to boil down to a test of anti-abortion bona fides.

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Jazz Shaw 5:21 PM on September 27, 2023