Video: Geraldo attacks Michelle over the Zina Linnik case

The clip runs four minutes but I’ll tell you up front that the first 30 seconds and last 30 seconds are the only parts relevant to the immigration angle. I’m including the full interview with the cop and the Linnik’s uncle anyway, though, for two reasons: first, I don’t want anyone accusing us of having selectively edited anything out (more on that in a minute) and, second, you need to watch it to appreciate how misleading the opening teaser is. Quote:

The tragic story was twisted to aggravate the immigration debate… A little girl snatched and brutally murdered. Tonight her family speaks out on why his “immigrant” label should be replaced by “monster.”

Italicized to reflect the breathless absurdity of the voiceover. As you’ll see, it’s baldly untrue: the subject of immigration never comes up in the interview and thus her family “speaks out on” no such thing. That’s simply Geraldo’s way of framing the segment in accordance with his demented view that you can’t properly be thought of as both an immigrant and a criminal simultaneously. You’re an immigrant until you commit a crime; once that happens, you metamorphose ontologically such that your actions, conveniently, are no longer relevant to America’s immigration laws and anyone who claims they are is just an “anti-immigrant radical” like Michelle Malkin. Note: not even an “anti-illegal immigrant radical.” Just plain “anti-immigrant.”

The line you’re watching for is the very last one, the irony of which is so enormous as to make me jealous that any man could have balls that big. That one line is why I’m giving you the whole segment, in fact; I want you to see for yourself how, in his rush to throw stones at Michelle about unissued apologies, this guy collapsed his glass house.

The good news is, the rematch between him and the boss should make for a hell of an impact segment this week on the Factor.