Finally:America's worst slurs ranked

This must have been an awkward poll to take. Thanks to Pillage Idiot for digging it up. I’ll make you click through to see what the top five were; the results of this question are more interesting anyway:


Only Michael Richards’s rant earns a clear majority — but fewer blacks consider it offensive than they do Don Imus’s crack about the Rutgers players. Huh? As for “macaca,” either it’s too foreign or too goofy to be menacing for most since it’s the only one that doesn’t draw a majority among any group. They should have polled them on the offensiveness of novels about fathers turning their sons upside down and putting their penises in their mouths.

Exit question: Where would “maricon” rank on the list? Or does it matter, given that Richardson has matrilineal absolute moral authority?


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David Strom 8:31 AM on October 02, 2022