Cops name "newcomer" as prime suspect in 12-year-old girl's murder

The nice thing about “newcomer” status is that it never expires. For instance, the turd who led them to the body of Zina Linnik has an incest conviction on his record dating back to 1990, but like the president said:

“We must meet our moral obligation to treat newcomers with decency and show compassion to the vulnerable and exploited, because we’re called to answer both the demands of justice and the call for mercy.”

Apparently, by “demands of justice” he doesn’t mean “deporting convicted sex offenders.” Hang Linnik’s murder around his neck like an albatross, and McCain’s too, and Graham’s, and everyone else who isn’t serious about the barest bare minimum of sending violent felons home. MM says she’s planning a campaign to force this issue before Congress because, after all, “[i]f ever there were an immigration enforcement issue that transcended partisan lines, this is it” — but that’s not true at all, is it? For example, here’s flashback video of amnesty hero Geraldo Rivera ducking every last attempt by Bill O’Reilly to get him to agree that, yes indeed, illegal aliens who have been found guilty of violent assault should be sent packing. Who’s the real problem in the Geraldoverse, the degenerate who killed Zina Linnik — or Michelle Malkin? Skip ahead to about 3:00 (counting down) to find out.

Update: This is really Patterico’s beat, of course, not mine. His post about it is now up.

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