ABC: We're not saying Jeri Thompson's a trophy wife, but if she is, that's a good thing; Update: "Is Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton's trophy wife?"

Between this and the NYT piece last weekend, the meme is now set. The media has carte blanche to write “trophy wife” pieces about her provided they acknowledge that (a) the term is arguably sexist, (b) they’re only writing about it because other media are talking about it, (c) even if she is a trophy wife, that’s actually an honorific aimed at acknowledging how much she’s accomplished as a professional woman. Calling her a “power ho” would presumably convey the sentiment. It suggests power, doesn’t it? Then it’s really sort of a compliment, isn’t it?

Claims of sexism may abound, but at the end of the day, many women would be flattered to be considered a trophy wife, and those who are not may actually aspire to become one, according to Dr. Debbie Then, a social psychologist who specializes in women and appearance.

“Any woman who is deemed a trophy wife has sort of a feather in her cap, it’s a compliment,” said Then. “I think most of the women think it’s flattering on some level. Because no matter what a woman does in her life, when the chips are down, women are all evaluated based on their appearance.”

You heard the lady. As far as ABC is concerned, it’s open season on Hillary “cankle” jokes from here on out. Exit question: Assuming Fred gets the nomination, what on earth are the hit pieces on Jeri going to look like circa October 2008?

Update: Newbusters notes that Jackie Clegg Dodd, like Cindy McCain before her, is decidedly not a trophy wife even though the age difference between her and Chris is only six years less than the age difference between the Thompsons and she was much younger than Mrs. Thompson when she married him.

Update: Mark Levin answers the bell.

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