Civil war: Maverick mocks the Times's painfully crappy Iraq editorial

“They understand the purpose” of the war, he says of the troops he spoke with. “I wish I could say the same of our journalist friends in New York.” And with that bit of straight talk, ironically, the long love affair between Maverick and the media comes to a bittersweet end. And why not? With his campaign in tatters and his press fan club bound to support the Democrat even if he made it to the general election, he’s got nothing to lose. In fact, why not go the whole nine yards, take Bill Kristol’s and Ace’s advice, and suspend the campaign for three months the better to lobby on behalf of the mission in Iraq? It’ll get attention, it’ll reunite him with the base, it’ll remind people he’s a war hero and not just an amnesty shill, and if the Iraqi parliament surprises everyone and makes a deal, it’ll give him stature as the guy who wasn’t willing to quit when everyone else was. Roll the dice, Mac.

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