Audio: Let Al Qaeda have what's rightfully theirs, says Nick Berg's father

I.e., the Middle East. Suddenly the “let’s negotiate with Osama” meme is in full flower, although in fairness that flower bloomed for Berg long ago, years before Zarqawi cut off his son’s head. He hung up on Gibby the last time they spoke; this time he crawls on to the bitter end, explaining why everything you know about Pearl Harbor is wrong and why it’s really up to Osama to define the boundaries of the Middle East that rightfully belongs to him, Hezbollah, and Hamas. FYI, they might not be the boundaries as recognized on most maps.

Ironically, his core point — that AQ speaks for many people in the Middle East — has some truth to it. Gibby might have challenged him with another WWII analog there, but after the Pearl Harbor discussion it was probably best just to stay out of the past. Click to listen.

Update: INDC Bill interviewed Berg back in 2004.