Video: Mary Katharine Ham talks hot tub sex, jihad on O'Reilly

It’s all part of a rip-roaring “Factor” expose of that Tehran sex party I wrote about earlier. No, no, I kid. It’s the weekly “policing the Internet” segment, in which Bill and MK go spanning the globe for new and ever more outrageously outrageous outrages. The hot tub is in the context of the Nick Lachey/Vanessa Minnillo coitus captured on film by intrepid paparazzi; I wish I could link it for you, but then I also wish I had an iPhone — and ain’t neither one happening. The jihad is in relation to those fake movie posters I blogged about yesterday. Sky News think they’re the product of clever Islamists, Radar sees the nutroots’ hand at work. My money’s on the latter but there’s no proof either way.

As for MK’s quip about jihadis as Michael Moore fanboys, it’s truer than she likely knows.

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