NYT: Fear of nutroots ire leaves reporters "queasy" about attending Bush ceremony

It looks like most were willing to brave the turgid Greenwaldian screed that’s sure to follow and showed up anyway. This is really what the fightin’ nutroots is aiming for when they mau-mau the exceedingly leftist media for not being leftist enough: they don’t just want the coverage tilted further left, they want the press on a war footing so belligerent as to make attendance at dopey ribbon-cutting ceremonies with the president tantamount to fraternizing with the enemy. Ironically, it ends up proving the truth of their own droning about the media’s spinelessness. Queasiness about confronting the government means you need a new profession; queasiness about being named “Wanker of the Day” means you need rehab.

Evidently some of them do. Thank Newsbusters for digging this out of the bottom of the Times’s piece:

Mrs. Bush will help cut the ribbon. Yet with the White House press corps under attack from liberal bloggers as being too cozy with the Bush administration, some reporters say they feel a little bit queasy about attending. Mr. Snow said the president would not take questions, which poses a quandary for journalists uneasy about being seen with him at a purely ceremonial affair.

One of the bitter pleasures of having a Democrat back in the White House will be watching the nutroots’ “truth to power” mandate for the press become increasingly nuanced as time wears on. Investigations into administration malfeasance will transform magically from heroic crusades to hold government accountable into right-wing smear jobs orchestrated by the “so-called” liberal media. Good thing their whining is all archived. It’ll be fun using it against them.

Meanwhile, the room clears out around Helen. Respectful deference for an eminent colleague? Or just the smell? Or did she have the shrimp salad?

Update: Thanks to Jim Treacher for punching up my closer!


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