Finally: JD Johannes apologizes to Glenn Greenwald for believing the Anbar awakening exists

‘Bout time. I’ve seen this happen time and again with the embeds there. Johannes, Yon, Roggio, Bill Ardolino, Pat Dollard, reporters from every major print news organization in America — they go over, they’re not prepared for the heat, they don’t drink enough fluids, and they end up hallucinating. And curiously, it’s always the same hallucination: that the Sunnis in western Iraq have purged the Salafis in their midst and achieved an “astonishing success in Anbar,” as John Burns, the latest victim of neocon heat stroke, recently put it. The Times had better either treat him or get him out of there before it gets worse and he starts babbling that Al Qaeda in Iraq poses a significant security threat to the country.

Why, now that I re-read his post, Johannes isn’t apologizing at all:

What I really learned today is the lengths many will go to deny the facts on the ground–when they have no knowledge of those facts–and the fear they have of success in Iraq. [Paging Eric Boehlert. — ed.]

To them the Anbar Awakening cannot be true, because if it is, the surge will be extended, the Petraeus plan will be implemented fully accross the country and the enterprise could prove successful.

And if the enterprise is successful, they were wrong. Their identities being so wrapped up in their opinions and belief that Iraq is and will be a failure, that their egos will not allow them to be wrong. Admission that they were wrong is tantamount to self-identity suicide.

Therefore, the Awakening does not exist, what I saw in late May and previously in April does not exist. It is not happening. Everyone is being duped and lied to. Those Iraqi tribesmen? Actors. It is all astroturfed. After all Glenn Greenwald wrote a best selling book and I’m only a guy who spent two months in Al Anbar this Spring.

I am so glad Mr. Greenwald was able to set me straight–even if belatedly. To think, I was actually going to make a documentary about the Awakening Reaching Shihabi and Kharmah. How silly of me.

I think he’s trying to mock Greenwald there with the reference to the book, but he really shouldn’t. It’s not Glenn who brings that up at every opportunity, JD. It’s his fans.

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