Video: Smeato, possibly drunk, speaks!

“I haven’t a Scooby,” he told the Wall Street Journal when asked why he thinks he’s become an Internet phenomenon. We Smeatophiles do have a Scooby, though, don’t we, my friends? From the News of the World:


“I hope my actions and the actions of everyone else that day show that Britain will not stand for it.

“And if any more extremists are still wanting to rise up and start trouble, know this: we’ll rise right back up against you.

New York, Madrid, London, Paisley…we’re all in this together and make no mistake, none of us will hold back from putting the boot in.”

Favorite pastimes include trout fishing and Xbox, naturally enough. The Smeatonator does have flaws — he’s against the death penalty for jihadis, for one thing — but as with all heroes, they only make him more tragic and human and, ergo, appealing. As for those 1,400 pints waiting for him at the Holiday Inn Glasgow:

“I’ll treat everyone at work to some drinks but I don’t think I’ll get through them all,” he laughed.

“I’m going to see if I can get the leftover money donated to a charity for soldiers in Iraq. They deserve a pint much more than I do.”

Has he already tipped a few? Click the image to watch the vid and judge for yourself.


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Ed Morrissey 4:41 PM on September 29, 2023