Video: "Big Bottom," featuring every bass player in the world

I’ll try to do better this week about serving up the red meat, I promise. But for now, here’s Spinal Tap’s set from Live Earth yesterday at Wembley: “Stonehenge,” then the song they wrote for the occasion, “Warmer Than Hell,” and finally “Big Bottom” featuring every performer in the stadium — including three of the four members of Metallica — on the bass. I looked for a clip that cut out the second song and actually found one, but, appallingly, in order to fit “Stonehenge” and “BB” into a 10-minute YouTube edit, they cut out the part where the dwarves dance around the set piece. You’ll find that here, about halfway through the first clip.

In case you missed it in headlines earlier, the peak audience last night in the UK was 4.5 million, less than half what Live 8 pulled two years ago.