LAT congratulates itself: "Thompson star dims on abortion issue"!

The evidence? Two mild quotes from Paul Weyrich and a bare assertion by a random GOP strategist in New Hampshire that “People who really believe in the pro-life cause will not be happy.” Consider that star dimmed. Meanwhile, the AP reports “wild applause” for his speech to the Young Republican National Convention in Florida yesterday.

While we’re on the subject, have a look at this post by Captain Ed. His source sent me the same info yesterday. If the dates are correct then the Times needs to explain why Fred was retained to lobby for the abortion group before he’d even joined the firm. Was he retained while he was still a sole practitioner and took the client with him to Arent Fox? Or had he already been part of Arent Fox for some time before his FARA registration went through in October? I suspect it’s the latter: he probably applied for registration when he joined the firm and it took a few months for the feds to process the application and approve him. We’ll see. Exit question: If it’s a simple matter of disproving the Times story with dates, why on earth hasn’t the campaign already done that?

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