The Fredheads have a fever and the only prescription is more ... Ron Paul? Update: Paul has more cash on hand than McCain

They took a hard look at their options and realized there’s only one Man Who Can Save America, and that’s the capital-p Patriot with two first names and two lips to chap on the collective ass of America’s Truthers.

No, actually, it seems to be some sort of elaborate parody site. An amusing one, too: poke around the forums (here, for example) and note the posts by “Neocon4Fred” and “NeoConsRule”. Exit question: Is “Jason Francis” an actual Fredhead or just a foil for the Pauline hordes?

45-45, by the way, in case you’re keeping track.

Update: Tremble before the fundraising power of the Truther hordes! No, actually, that’s as much a testament to the feebleness of St. John’s campaign as to Paul’s grassroots support. How bad has it gotten? He’s firing staffers in Florida, where the first truly major primary will be held in January.

David Strom 4:41 PM on September 26, 2022