Finally: Islamic Rage Boy speaks!

No joke. I haven’t been this excited since the Green Helmet interview.

You’ll be surprised to learn he’s poorly educated, has a rap sheet a mile long, and, oh yes, is quite full of rage indeed.

“Whatever I do, I do for Allah and the Prophet Mohammed,” said [Shakeel] Bhat, who admits to having been an armed militant between 1991 and 1994 with a pro-Pakistan rebel group…

“If my photographs get published across the world, it is because my emotions are real and my looks are not deceptive. The photos show the anger inside,” said the full-time demonstrator, who when off the street looks distincly modest and a little shy…

Apart from drawing ridicule from bloggers, Bhat has even inspired one American neoconservative website to push “Rage Boy” merchandise — including T-shirts, beer mugs, mouse pads.

“I don’t believe this! I have no knowledge about all this. Why do they do it?” demanded Bhat, who says he has no idea how to use a computer and the Internet.

Bhat also shrugged off his rather unflattering “Rage Boy” nickname.

“I don’t need any titles. I am a simple Muslim. Yes, I get enraged if someone, somewhere makes derogatory remarks about our religion or Prophet,” he said.

Thanks to Sugiero for the tip. Potfry, I think you’re looking at a lawsuit, buddy, once this tool learns how to read. Exit question: Which American news network will be the first to land the coveted Rage Boy interview?


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