Red Mosque leader captured while trying to escape ... in a burqa

Remember, according to some sources, this is the guy who’s the new spiritual leader of the Taliban. Ah well. When the going gets tough, the tough get going out the door, in women’s clothing:

The leader of a radical mosque besieged by Pakistani security forces in Islamabad has been caught trying to escape wearing a woman’s burqa.

Security forces seized Abdul Aziz as he tried to leave the Red Mosque amid a crowd of women…

“He was the last in a group of seven women all wearing the same clothes. He was wearing a burqa that also covered his eyes,” a security official told the AFP news agency about the cleric’s escape bid.

“Our men spotted his unusual demeanour. The rest of the girls looked like girls, but he was taller and had a pot belly.”

His equally degenerate brother, Abdul Rasheed Ghazi, either escaped or is still inside the building with a thousand or more others. Exit question: Might there be glorious shame-perpetuating video footage of Pakistani forces frogmarching this turd away? Exit answer:

Television footage showed the gray-bearded Aziz being led away from the mosque by security forces. He was still wearing the burqa from the neck down, although he was clutching the outfit’s hood in his hand.

Update: Awesome.


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