Documents, videos seized by Hamas will reveal: Fatah has got teh ghey

The rumors about Arafat swirled for years but I doubt we’ll be seeing any lists with his name on it even in the unlikely event that there’s more to this than just an empty smear. Hamas needs popular support and outing the father of their non-country won’t endear them to anyone.


Still, it’ll be darkly amusing watching their “progressive” western apologists squirm if they do start pouring on the homophobic rhetoric. As Nigel said in Spinal Tap, “What’s wrong with being sexy?”

Palestinian infighting has moved from the streets to the TV set, as rival factions Fatah and Hamas carry out smear campaigns against each other through their local channels in the West Bank and Gaza.

Hamas has been using its official television station al-Aqsa TV in the Gaza Strip to broadcast documents and tapes allegedly found in the PA’s headquarters.

Hamas sources claim that such documents are proof of “corruption, collaboration with Israel and a total lack of morals, including homosexual relations between officials.”

Ma’ariv also claims the existence of sex tapes, although they’re alleged to be a bit more “traditional” than the ones described by Ynet:

According to Fatah security apparatus orders, it was important to duly destroy any sensitive document or material before it fell into the hands of the Hamas. Now, however, it appears that not only intelligence material was stored at command headquarters and that not just weapons and documents have fallen into Hamas men’s hands, but also a real treasure of a different kind: tens of sex tapes documenting the deeds of much of the senior Palestinian leadership.

Most of the tapes show Palestinian seniors cheating on their wives. Of course, these materials were regarded as explosive stuff in the Palestinian arena, which is particularly sensitive to moral violations. The embarrassing tapes shot secretly were used as a means to extort and pressure various different targets, who necessarily feared any repercussions from both a personal and public angle. It appears that security officials also used the photos to procure benefits and recruit agents from among political rivals both in Fatah and Hamas…

The fact that even doctors are documented attests to the scope of the extortion industry. “It was a real business,” he said, adding that “very beautiful girls were involved; naturally, if one of them is brought to a senior, she will be of superior quality.”


Thanks to Weasel Zippers for the tip. Exit question: What’s the difference between this and “McCornthyism”? Exit answer, per shari’a law: The penalty.

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