Surprise: Cops think Glasgow jihadis drove the London car bombs; Update: Two more arrested; Update: Second suspect named -- Iraqi doctor trained in Baghdad; Update Five doctors now in custody

Might as well get a jump on tomorrow’s Glasgow thread. If you’re looking for more links between the incident at the airport and the two in London, then brother, it don’t come any linkier than this:

Security bosses believe the two men in Glasgow also drove two Mercedes cars laden with petrol and gas canisters used in a failed bid to devastate London’s West End early on Friday…

They are believed to have come from the Middle East a year ago.

The Telegraph’s hearing the same thing. This would explain the murky tidbit in the last thread about the cops being hot on the trail of the Glasgow jihadis just before they struck. They must have already figured out who the London car bombers were and zeroed in on them in Scotland.

The Sun claims that the Iranian Kurdish doctor arrested yesterday on the highway with his wife is suspected of being the cell leader, and that “in the past two weeks two Asian men with long beards had turned up in a car on several occasions and stayed the night” at his home. How big is the cell? At least eight members, according to the Guardian, all linked by “a controlling ‘Mr. Big.'” Three are still at large. Maybe more.

You know the drill. Updates aplenty tomorrow.

Update: The British Islamist nut who called last year for the Pope to be killed after he made his comments about Islam considers these attacks “completely justified.”

Update: Two more were arrested last night, both in connection with the Glasgow bombing. Seven down, one (or more?) to go.

Update: Hmmm.

British intelligence agencies had warned the government last April that terrorist attacks might be initiated by Iranian Kurds to coincide with the end of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s term of office, according to a person who saw the warning. Mr. Blair handed power to Mr. Brown last Wednesday.

The government has not confirmed that report, and it is unclear precisely why Iranian Kurds would be aggrieved. But a radical Kurdish group, Ansar al-Islam, was largely driven out of northern Iraq four years ago when American and British forces overthrew Saddam Hussein, and it has since found a haven in Iran, security officials have said.

Update: Scenes from the arrest of the doctor and his wife on the highway in northern England:

Two carloads of officers wearing protective vests jumped out of their Volvo estates. A witness said: “They started shouting ‘Get out of the car, get out of the car’.

“The guy didn’t move and sat there for about a minute before coming out with his hands up.

“The police continued shouting ‘Get down, get down on the floor!’ but he just ignored them.

“The next thing they used a Taser stun gun on him. The guy seemed to be wearing quite a few jumpers and nothing happened.

“He carried on standing just looking at them. Then they Tasered him again and he went down. He was handcuffed and bundled into the back of one of about four other police cars that had arrived.”

The witness saw officers open the back of the Toyota to discover a suitcase and large parcel.

Update: Indeed, it sounds like the cops had the names of the guys before they attacked the airport.

[T]he director of a Paisley-based letting agency which rented a house to one man suspected of involvement said today that his company had been contacted by detectives just before the airport attack.

Police appeared to have established a link between the tenants of the house in Houston, near the airport, and two failed car bomb attacks on Friday in London, Daniel Gardiner, of the Let-It agency, said.

“A card was put through one of my colleague’s door, asking if we would contact them,” he said. “He had been out for a couple of hours and found the note when he got back at 3.05pm. The card was put through prior to the incident at Glasgow airport.

The same Guardian story quotes the new British home secretary, Jacqui Smith, as saying she’s “not certain” if U.S. intel shared the tip they had about aviation attacks in Scotland two weeks ago. The Blotter quotes Scottish officials as saying they had “no advance intelligence.”

Update: Sky says the name of the Glasgow jihadi who wasn’t burned is Bilal Abdulla and that he’s an Iraqi doctor who trained in Baghdad. There’s some confusion in the article about the name of the other jihadi, though: Sky ID’s him as Mohammed Asha, but I believe that’s the name of the Iranian Kurdish doctor who was arrested on the highway. As far as I know we don’t know the name of the burned jihadi yet.

Update: You’ve got to be kidding. Don’t doctors have anything better to do in their leisure time than plot jihad?

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