Powerline: Congressional Republicans less than impressed with Fred

Lots of people sending me this. A deflating blow, landed by one of Fred’s three favorite blogs? Say it ain’t so.

Dedicated to our resident Fred-hater, csdeven:

The Fred Thompson campaign recently set up an event for 60 of Congress’s most solid conservatives. Many of them were hoping to be able to endorse Thompson. Unfortunately, Thompson did not impress the Congressmen. He did not appear to be ready for a tough Presidential campaign. One of his aides explained that Thompson was “rusty,” which, as one Congressman told me, did not inspire much confidence in this YouTube era. Some of those who attended are now looking at Mitt Romney as the most viable conservative in the race.

Is this event attended by sixty-odd congressional Republicans the same as … this event attended by sixty-odd congressional Republicans? Because (a) that wasn’t all that recent and (b) by all available reports, Fred was exceedingly well received. Maybe it was another, more recent event? If so, how often do they throw campaign shindigs for dozens of House GOP members?

I don’t care either way; since yesterday, I’m a firm backer of a Sessions/DeMint ticket. But since I know we’ve got a lot of Fredheads here, here’s video from his recent stop in South Carolina. I like how he cracks himself up with the line about the $50 million he’s saved.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 PM on January 31, 2023