Brownback on vote switch: I meant to do that

I had this link in hand when I wrote the Beltway Boys post but I wanted our (hopefully) last post on the shamnesty debacle to be special. A lie this bald-faced qualifies as “special.” Sweet lord, does it ever:

[D]on’t bother accusing the Republican presidential hopeful of flip-flopping — he says he did it on purpose.

“I wanted to signal that I support comprehensive immigration reform, but now is not the time, this is not the bill,” Brownback said.

Brownback explained that his “yes” vote initially was to “showcase” that reform is needed. The switch to “no” was because he didn’t think this was the right way to do it.

Spokesman Brian Hart confirmed that Brownback planned the switch all along, ever mindful that presidential candidates face a tough time explaining vote switches.

Ah, well, his spokesman confirmed it. That makes all the difference. Funny that he didn’t think to make this bold yet opaque statement of principle during the cloture vote on Tuesday, when he voted yes. Nor did he think to make it during the cloture vote that killed the first iteration of the bill on June 7th; in fact, he didn’t even show up for that one. Most curious of all, rather than switch his vote immediately after casting it, he waited ten minutes until the bill’s fate was decided to cast his by-then entirely meaningless “no.” And he did it all during a presidential campaign in which Republican voters are unusually nervous about the candidates’ commitment to conservative values.

All in all, the switch was actually dumber if he’s telling the truth here. Which, of course, he almost certainly isn’t.

We end our immigration coverage with this 200-proof schadenfreude video of LA deejay and amnesty all-star Eddie “El Piolin” Sotelo choking back tears as he announces the bill’s destruction. It was on Sotelo’s show last week that Teddy burped out his cover of “Jalisco.” Note what Sotelo says at the end; it sounds like he’s building up to a statement about the futility of peaceful protest but the clip cuts off before he can finish his thought, alas. Exit question: Is it appropriate to laugh at a man’s agony? Exit answer: If the bill had passed and Sean Hannity had been reduced to tears, would the left be laughing at that? Well, there you go. They are, after all, our moral tutors. Learn from them.

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