Video: "Talk radio has had a field day," wheezes Reid

Another day, another breathtakingly ironic whinge about “hate” from one of Kos’s bootlickers. Just so we’re all on the same page, everyone understands that the recent resurgence in calls for the Fairness Doctrine is intimately connected to this immigration debacle, yes? The left, quite smartly and understandably, wants to take advantage of the wedge between the Republican base and its “representatives” to sell those representatives on the virtues of Fairness. The goal isn’t to get equal airtime for liberals, it’s to make the balance requirement onerous enough for station managers that they’ll simply cancel conservative programming to meet it. Which, conveniently, would suit both sides. No doubt Lindsey Graham’s kicking himself for not thinking of it sooner.

With that as background, here’s Reid issuing the second warning today about the great moral hazard that is talk radio. He’s careful not to accuse any broadcasters of hate themselves, lest he bring down even more of their wrath than he has, but the intent is clear — especially per the tacit comparison he draws between the motives animating congressional opponents of the bill and their constituents.

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