Menendez: The fear-mongering lowest common denominator won

Vanquished were the voices of hope and light, who mean so achingly well that occasionally they’re compelled to toss a Nazi reference or two at their opponents. Here it is — the cheapest speech to come out of this process, particularly the evil passage towards the end about what’s meant by the phrase “those people.” If you choose to take him seriously rather than engage him at the level of rancid demagoguery he’s operating at, you might reflect that the very notion of borders implies some concept of “these people” and “those people.” If he objects to that, he objects to borders in principle. And if he’s willing to betray that belief by agreeing to beef up border enforcement marginally just to get the deal passed, then he’s compromising on a point which he himself seems to regard as wickedly racist. Some principle.

As for his paean to the “honest debate” that he and his fellow comprehensivists forthrightly attempted to engage in to try to pass the bill, let’s recap: no committee process; no hearings; no significant floor debate; no opportunity for opponents to offer amendments; no chance to even read the bill before voting on it. Just this jackass descending from Mount Sinai with the Z-visa tablets in his hands. How lucky we benighted scum are to have him.

Note what he says at the very end, too, about how he speaks for “those people.” You’d almost think he regards them as his constituents. Doubtless he does. Exit question: How would he have reacted if Jeff Sessions, say, referred to his supporters as the “lowest common denominator”?

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