Audio: Gilad Shalit's hostage tape

Fewer than 1% of our readers will be able to understand it but it’s always worth posting primary sources. You never know what kind of interesting feedback you’ll get. For those who don’t speak Hebrew, you’ll find a translation here. The text makes painfully clear that it’s coerced, but in case you need an expert opinion:

Channel 2 analyst Ehud Ya’ari said immediately following the airing of Schalit’s voice that it was “perfectly clear, without a had not been written by Schalit himself.

Ya’ari explained that the grammatical structure of the text and subtle mistakes that a native Israeli would not make pointed to the fact that the text had been written by the captors.

The estimation is that Hamas released an audio tape of Schalit as opposed to a video in order to avoid accusations of lying about Schalit’s condition.

The occasion, incidentally, is the first anniversary of his capture in a cross-border raid last June. There’s no indication of when it was recorded, but according to Reuters, he’s currently being held in a cozy two-room dungeon in Rafah. By whom? Why, by the “military wing” of Gaza’s new rulers, Hamas. Savor the absurdity of this tape being released within 24 hours of the tape of BBC reporter Alan Johnston, whose freedom Hamas has vowed to win in its new role as sovereign and protector of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

In related news, Ayman al-Zawahiri makes a plea on behalf of murderers while Mahmoud Abbas does the same.