Tivo alert: "Banned by PBS: Muslims Against Jihad"; Update: Postponed until Sunday

As predicted, PBS’s loss is Fox’s gain. Note: this isn’t “Islam vs. Islamists,” the film PBS originally spiked allegedly because it wasn’t quite “balanced” enough in its treatment of fundamentalists. This is a companion documentary made by the same producers, Frank Gaffney and Martyn Burke. As you’ll see from last night’s interview with Gaffney on H&C, even Fox doesn’t have its facts straight about that. Nor is it straight about the airdate: Lowry gives it as 7 p.m. but according to the website and my own cable guide here, the actual time is 9.

“Islam vs. Islamists,” it turns out, will be shown by by public broadcasting — in Oregon. If tonight’s show does well, no doubt Fox will pick that one up too. According to Gaffney, PBS didn’t even deign to screen tonight’s program before rejecting it.

Here’s our Vent interview with Gaffney about the controversy from last month. The H&C clip is below.

Update: Weak.

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