Rushdie update: It's Friday and you know what that means; Update: British Islamist rage added!

The day of prayer is here and the photos are trickling in. The boss names her heart-tugging favorite, but you can’t fully appreciate its poignancy until you see what’s on the guy’s headband:



Here’s my own favorite. The western idiom and hint of passive-aggressiveness are irresistible:


You were promised an Islamic Rage Boy cameo in the tagline too, and so you shall have one. Click.

For the record, Islamic Rage Boy is number one on my wishlist for Vent interviews.

Update: British Islamists are getting in on this too.

“This knighthood is just another example of Tony Blair and his government’s attempts to secularize Muslims and reward apostates,” said Anjem Choudray, protest organizer and an ex-head of the British wing of the banned radical group al-Muhajiroun.

“Rushdie is a hate figure across the Muslim world because of his insults to Islam,” Choudray said.

“This honor will have ramifications here and across the world”.

Anyone recognize Choudray’s name, by the way? You should.

Update: A depressing column at AmSpec argues that we shouldn’t risk losing hearts and minds by doing “senseless” things like honor people against whom Muslims have an insane vendetta.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on October 01, 2023