Video: McCaskill says she'll vote no on amnesty cloture

Nays on cloture thus far today: Hutchison, Roberts, Crapo, Sununu, and Cornyn, plus Chambliss and Isakson yesterday. You can add McCaskill to the list. Still not enough yet to kill it but I like this trend. More polls! More robots!

Update: I completely missed this yesterday, but the AFL-CIO now formally opposes the bill.

Update: You know they’re worried about those polls when even an open-borders shill like Bill Richardson is talking tough-ish with Mexico.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a Democratic presidential candidate, joked Thursday at a town hall meeting in Phoenix, Arizona that Mexico should stop offering a map to its citizens of the easiest way to cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

Richardson, who’s mother was Hispanic, says he wants to have a conversation with Mexico and be frank with them on the immigration problem.

“Hey Mexico, why don’t you help your people and do something to give them jobs. Maybe we will do something with you to help create jobs at the border. Maybe joint projects, but at the very least don’t give people maps in the easiest areas to cross,” said Richardson as he acted out the conversation.

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