Video: Michelle gives Rosie, Truthers some "tough love"

Alas, she continues to ignore the Larger Truth in favor of the real thing. Add 10,000 gallons of jet fuel, subtract modern fireproofing, and the “mystery” here becomes about as profound as an Encyclopedia Brown caper.

I am a little surprised that she thinks this stuff is the purview of an “extreme minority of folks,” though, given the poll numbers Gibby cited to her. I felt like he was waiting for some grand indictment of the left at the end there, and the boss just wasn’t feeling it. That was sporting of her.

Speaking of Trutherism, I’m not sure yet what to make of this. If it’s true, it’s outrageously outrageous. If it’s just standard 9/11 aftermath confusion, fair enough. Either way, the Truthers will have a field day with it: twirling ever-more nefarious conspiracies out of innocent factual errors is their stock in trade.