Breaking: State bar finds Nifong violated ethical rules; Update: I should be disbarred, says Nifong; Update: Disbarred

Airing live now on all the cable news networks. The sentence is coming up. Prediction: Suspension of his law license for a few years, but no disbarment.

Update: The commissioner’s been reading the list of charges and verdicts for a solid 10 minutes now and the camera’s barely moved from Nifong’s stricken face. He’s getting a good, sweet, hard dose of public shame here. Nice job by the bar letting this be televised.

Update: Twenty minutes of reading the charges now. Guilty so far on 90+% of them.

Update: They’re moving to the sentencing phase now but they want to hear some witnesses first. Hopefully the end will come this afternoon.

Update: Six charges related to “dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

Update: Bombshell — according to Fox News, Nifong has offered to surrender his law license to the state bar. Not sure why. Maybe he’s trying to head off the humiliation of a disbarment verdict, i.e., “you can’t fire me, I quit”? The Foxies are speculating that he’s showing contrition in hopes of being allowed to reapply in five years.

Update: I’m on my way out but is on it.

Update: Three hours a week I leave the house. Three hours a week, and naturally those three coincide with Mike Nifong being disbarred. Sigh.

It took ’em awhile. But it was worth it.

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