Video: "Obama girl" speaks!

Vintage “Friday stupid” video to kick off the weekend? Or transparent ploy to boost traffic via Google hits by capitalizing on the sudden, er, “interest” in the video’s star, Amber Lee Ettinger? Whom you’ll find right here being interviewed. Amber Lee Ettinger, that is. As Obama girl. Or Obama girls, as some search terms have it. There are two of them, after all. One of whom is Amber Lee Ettinger.

The Obama campaign isn’t exactly heartbroken over all the free publicity, as you might expect. Exit question: Is the media hyping this vid perhaps a little more than it deserves? It’s doing good business at YT with 420K hits and counting, but plenty of YouTube videos do better. Why the interest in this one? Just because of the political angle?

Or because of Amber Lee Ettinger?

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